Plant Sap Analysis Education Workshops

NEW AGE Laboratories is excited to introduce Leaf Sap Analysis education to current active NEW AGE accounts/clients. Workshops are given by Scott Wall and Jenny Garley who together represents 12 years of sap analysis knowledge. Scott is the president of NEW AGE Labs and Jenny is the Chief Science Officer.  
The following information will be covered in each crop session:
  • Introduction to sap analysis
  • Sap vs Tissue testing
  • Sap sampling techniques for multiple crop types
  • Cation/anion balance
  • Macro & micro-nutrient relationships
  • Interpreting sap analysis
  • What is Brix?
  • Nitrogen Conversion Efficiency
  • Open Q&A, Live Microsoft TEAMS Meetings
  • 2-3 hours of live workshop plus 1 hour Q&A
  • $150 per person per session
  • Max ticket sales per session: 25
  • Sessions will be recorded

Dec 15th 2022 – 12:00PM Eastern time: Specialty Crops: Vegetables, Fruits & Vines

Jan 12th 2023 – 12:00PM Eastern time: Cannabis 

Jan 26th 2023 – 12:00PM Eastern time: Row Crops 

Feb 23rd 2023 – 12:00PM Eastern time: Combo  (last winter workshop). 

Inquire with lab about reserving a date for private company or group sap workshop which is tailored to your crop type(s) and company specific historical sap data. (Dec 2022-April 2023). Your order complete form is your receipt.  
NEW AGE Laboratories is excited to introduce Analysis education workshops.
Dec 15th 12 pm EST: Specialty Crops: Vegetables, Fruits & Vines – Live
Jan 12th 12 pm EST: Cannabis – Live
Jan 26th 12 pm EST: Row Crops – Live
Feb 23th 12 pm EST: Combo (last winter workshop) – Live
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NEWAGE Laboratories teamed up with Charlie McKenzie from CropTalk to help break down why sap analysis is such a powerful analytical tool for growers across the globe. 


One-Time Buy

Small Pre-Purchased Bundles
– $78.75
(with 25 pairs) 

Large Pre-Purchased Bundles
– $70
(with 50+ pairs; free consultation time included) 

Prices include TWO tests! Choose from:

Translocative Sap Analysis

  • Sap Analysis (New Leaf)
  • Rapid Soil Tests

Comparative Sap Analysis

  • Sap Analysis (New Leaf)
  • Sap Analysis (Old Leaf)

Fruit Sap Analysis

  • Sap Analysis (Fruit)
  • Rapid Soil Tests