Laboratory Information Management System

New Age Laboratories’ chemists generate data on-site in the mobile lab units with our exclusive Laboratory Information Management System. The raw data for each sample is printed directly from the analytical instrumentation, the chemist performs any needed calculations, and generates the field report using Microsoft Excel.

The Quality Assurance/Quality Control Officer compares this report to the raw data to ensure accuracy and clarity. The final report is forwarded to the client in hard copy and electronic formats or in formats specifically requested by the clients.

Wondering if NAL supplies the specific format you need? Contact us to find out!

Quality Commitment

New Age Laboratory (NAL) provides not only scientifically sound, well documented, and regulatory compliant data, but also the highest quality service experience available in the industry. NAL’s Quality System is designed to provide a framework for continuous improvement within the organization, minimize systematic error, and to encourage constructive, documented problem solving.