EPA Methodologies | New Age Laboroatory

EPA Methodologies

New Age Laboratories performs a variety of EPA methodologies. Our chemists and technicians have extensive experience in performing the following analytical methods.

Method 8260 – Determination of volatile organic compounds and gasoline range organics utilizing purge-and-trap methodology

Method 8270 – Determination of semi-volatile organic compounds including, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), phenols, and other base/neutral/acid (BNA) extractables, as well as diesel range organics using direct injection

Method 8081 – Determination of organochlorinated pestcides

Method 8082 – Determination of polychlorinated biphynels (PCBs)

Method 8095 – Determination of explosives by U.S. EPA SW-846 Method 8095

Methods 7000 & 6000 Series – Determination of single and multiple trace metals by U.S. EPA SW-846 Methods 7000 and 6000 Series

New Age Laboratories’ laboratories are fully capable of following the appropriate U.S. EPA SW-846 Methods for all sample analyses. However, in the event that modified methodologies are necessary and authorized by the client’s DOQ, the laboratory will provide detailed descriptions, validation,  and supporting documentation prior to laboratory use. The documentation is prepared by the laboratory as necessary and forwarded to the client upon request.

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NAL Services

New Age Laboratories services farms, vineyards, food processing facilities, and more utilizing these EPA methodologies.