Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture, Stability, And Growth

The goal of Sustainable Agriculture is to maximize production at a sustainable level by avoiding negatively impacting a field long-term. This means the ability to produce all of the food, textiles, and other products we need to grow without compromising the ability of the next generation to do the same thing.from Sustainable Agriculture  NAL’s scientists are adept at determining a field’s ability to optimize input in order to maximize output.

We understand that different agricultural products have their own set of investments and sustainability to be considered. For example, apples and blueberries require a longer investment than corn. The short- or long-term investment required by a specific crop affects the health of the soil and is a key aspect in sustainability

Cover Crops And Sustainability

Cover crops can be a vital asset to any sustainable agriculturalist’s arsenal. However, to effectively use cover crops, it is important to know what your cash crops need in order to support healthier soil and more productive growth. This is where NEWAGE comes in with Soil and Sap testing. By analyzing the sap and soil of your crops, you can make more informed management decisions about the optimum choice for cover cropping.

Soil Nutrient Management

One of the primary goals of the NEWAGE Agriculture Lab is to work with farmers to help maintain as healthy and productive of soil as possible. Deficient soil not only harms crops and yields, but hurts the entire ecosystem that supports our agriculture. The future of agriculture requires sustainable soil management, and NEWAGE is here to help!