Livestock Feed

Do you know what's in your feed?

Similar to ensuring your plants are getting the nutrition they need, NEWAGE also can test feed. We know you want to keep your animals fit and healthy, not pay more than you need! Understanding what is in their your forage and feed is the first step. Using the same equipment and techniques as we do for our food safety testing, we break down exactly what is in the food your livestock are eating.

Forage and Feed


One of the most important factors when looking at the value of forage fodder is how much protein is available for your livestock. At NEWAGE we can break down your hay, silage, or other forage material to reveal the total crude protein available to your animals.


Regardless of whether you are using dried feed or high-moisture silage, having the proper moisture content is necessary to safe storage. Our moisture tests can help assure you your feed is as quality as it can be, or help guide you back on a safe track.


While animals are often not as sensitive as plants when it comes to pH levels, poorly managed pH levels in livestock can be fatal. Acidic diets are particularly dangerous in cows. Acidosis can occur at pH levels of 5.5 or lower, and is often the direct result of poor diets.