Environmental Laboratory

NEWAGE Can Help With Your Environmental Testing!

The NEWAGE Environmental Laboratory provides off-site testing services to every entity from dry cleaners, golf courses, schools, developers, food processing plants, and large oil companies. Whether you have experienced a spill, are investigating waste water, or are following regulations from governmental driving forces, NEWAGE Environmental Labs can help.

Our fixed environmental laboratory provides a full range of environmental analytical testing services, such as analysis of soil, sediment, water, leachates, dust, and air. The range of analytical services provided for the above mentioned matrices includes routine, trace, and ultra-trace level organics (volatiles, semi volatiles, pesticides, PCBs, herbicides), and metals. Analysis methods are based on well-established and internationally recognized procedures such as those published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Contact Our Project Management Team!

Each mobile laboratory services project management team consists of at least four individuals:

  • Administrative Project Manager – responsible for pricing, scheduling, and overall project management
  • Project Chemist – responsible for analytical requirements of project including sample runs, field reports, and instrument maintenance
  • Data Manager – responsible for de­veloping data packages and reviewing field reports
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Officer – responsible for all quality assurance/control issues related to the project and final review of analytical data

To ensure the overall success of our projects, NAL utilizes pre-project planning and post-project review documentation.

Prior to the start of a project, NAL’s administrative project manager requests a completed Project Information Sheet from the client. This document verifies the requested analyses, sample matrices, site location, electrical requirements, etc., to eliminate any discrepancies in the field.

In addition, the administrative project manager remains in continuous contact with the client’s project manager to answer questions and provide performance updates throughout the duration of the project.

Contact NAL for more information about environmental laboratory or our project management approach.