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How We Test

NAL encourages its clients to run samples in bulk for the particular method utilized. If a client can keep their number of samples up, an on-site lab with greatly reduced turnaround time and increased convenience can actually reduce their testing costs.

Testing Methods


New Age Laboratories utilizes carefully structured testing methods in its fixed laboratory located in South Haven, MI  for agriculture, food safety, and environmental testing. Laboratory testing of amendments; air; compost; drinking water; fertilizer; raw, ingredient, and finished food products; ground water; manure; plant tissue; process line testing; soil; and much more!

Testing Methods

New Age  Laboratory services project management team consists of at least four individuals:

  • Administrative Project Manager – responsible for pricing, scheduling, and overall project management
  • Project Chemist – responsible for analytical requirements of project including sample runs, field reports, and instrument maintenance
  • Data Manager – responsible for de­veloping data packages and reviewing field reports
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Officer – responsible for all quality assurance/control issues related to the project and final review of analytical data

To ensure the overall success of our projects, NAL utilizes pre-project planning and post-project review documentation.

Prior to the start of a project, NAL’s administrative project manager requests a completed Project Information Sheet from the client. This document verifies the requested analyses, sample matrices, site location, electrical requirements, etc., to eliminate any discrepancies in the field.

In addition, the administrative project manager remains in continuous contact with the client’s project manager to answer questions and provide performance updates throughout the duration of the project.

Contact NAL for more information about our project management approach.

New Age Laboratories uses swabs and sponges to ensure safe processing. We have partnered with clients as far flung as New Jersey and Oregon to supply accurate environmental monitoring.