Agriculture Water

Why Water Testing Is Important

Water is consumed in larger quantities than any other nutrient. A comprehensive analysis with water testing can indicate the suitability of a water supply for household, irrigation, livestock, fertigation, and greenhouse use. The purity of water refers to the presence or absence of bacteria presumed to be coliform. If water tests positive for coliforms, it should not be used for human consumption without boiling or chemical treatment.

GAP and FSMA require the use of analytically verified potable water. Evaluating and documenting the microbial water quality utilized on your farm is a prerequisite step to providing safe agricultural products. Water testing with the NEWAGE Agriculture Lab gives you fast and accurate results on the quality of your drinking and agriculture water.

Whether it is the water quality in your home, school, business, favorite swimming hole, or farm, knowing the exposure risks from your water just makes sense.


Water Tests
  • Standard Water Analysis
    pH | Soluble Salts | Chlorine (Cl) | Bicarbonate | Carbonate | Alkalinity | Hardness | Sodium Absorption Rate (SAR) | Calcium (Ca) | Magnesium (Mg) | Potassium (K) | Sodium (Na) | Iron (Fe) | Boron (B) | Sulfate | Phosphorus (P) | Copper (Cu) | Manganese (Mn) | Zinc (Zn) | Total Dissolved Solids
  • Inorganic Partial Analysis
    Fluorine (F) | Chlorine (Cl) | Hardness | Iron (Fe) | Sodium (Na) | Sulfate
  • E.Coli/Coliform – Presence|Absence
    E.Coli PA | Coliform PA
  • E.Coli/Coliform Enumeration (Counts)
    E.Coli/Coliform Enumeration (Counts for irrigation)
  • Nitrate
    Nitrate as Nitrogen
  • Nitrite