History | New Age Laboratory


The history of New Age Laboratories dates back to the establishment of  New Age/Landmark, Inc. in 1998 

In 2011, the company added the testing of agriculture and farming facilities as well as food industry products and process lines to its services.

A name shift occurred in 2016, when the company re-branded itself by switching out the “Landmark” portion of its name for “Laboratories.” Paired with a new website and brand identity, the name change sought to clarify the business’ services and establish a stronger foothold in the laboratory services industry.

To really get to know New Age Laboratories as a company, learn more about our staff and testing methods

Quality Commitment

New Age Laboratory (NAL) provides not only scientifically sound, well documented, and regulatory compliant data, but also the highest quality service experience available in the industry. NAL’s Quality System is designed to provide a framework for continuous improvement within the organization, minimize systematic error, and to encourage constructive, documented problem solving.