About NAL

About NEWAGE and its history

NEWAGE Laboratories (NAL) is all about providing great client service and real time data to the environmental industry via its fixed laboratory and to the agriculture and food safety industries through its fixed laboratory. 


With those driving forces in mind, NAL opened its doors in 1998 to service the environmental industry through testing soil, fertilizer, plant tissue, compost and manure, and water via its fixed laboratories. In 2011, NAL added the testing of agriculture and farming facilities as well as food industry products and process lines to its services. Once the initial testing is complete, NAL provides an analytical report and consults the organization on next steps. A name shift occurred in 2016, when the company rebranded itself by switching out the “Landmark” portion of its name for “Laboratories.” Paired with a new brand identity, the name change sought to clarify the business’ services and establish a stronger foothold in the laboratory services industry.

NEWAGE Labs Today

The staff and management of NAL have created the premier fixed laboratory services corporation serving organizations in the agriculture, food safety, and environmental fields in the Midwest. NEWAGE Laboratories’ chemists have provided laboratory services on hundreds of project sites throughout the United States. These projects include work at numerous petroleum facilities, hazardous waste remediation, Brownfield (urban) redevelopment sites, Superfund investigations, Army Corp of Engineers projects, United States Department of Defense sites (including Air Force, Navy, and Army Facilities), and other environmentally impacted facilities, sites, and projects.

NEWAGE Laboratories is located in South Haven, Mich., where we process the all environmental samples in the laboratory. New Age Laboratory has a full, internal security system which is monitored 24/7/365 days, to insure the safety and integrity of our clients’ data.

We have numerous certifications related to agricultural, food safety, and environmental testing and nearly 20 years of field experience.

NEWAGE Laboratories provides client services you can depend on and data that you can trust to make the best possible decisions for your business!

Whether you have need analytical data on-site or on demand, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding services to our fixed laboratory clients. Contact us for a free quote and discover how NEWAGE Laboratories can help expedite the turn-around time on your next project!